The Road (unpublished):
For those who believe that the possibility of life and the miracle of love exists in many forms; this humorous and tender allegory about the power of love is inspiring and unforgettable. Synopsis and first 2 chapters can be found on the link above.

Dead Word (unpublished)
Iran  1956 – the monstrous murder in the desert of a Kurdish patriarch by Baluchi bandits unleashes the Dead Word; Moscow 1983 -- the secret of the Dead Word is the only way to stop the impending slaughter – but who has it? "The Dead Word" can bring peace or inexpressible agony.  And he who controls it can conquer the world. Did I say, "he?":

Lane Technical High School:

Dr. Preston Bradley:

Edgewater Beach Hotel – Chicago


94th Aero Squadron

Strategic Air Command (SAC)



5th Air Force


Misawa, Japan

Lois Arthurs– married Dad Feb. 9 1987; works for the
Ohio State Highway Patrol

Lois is web master and editor for their in-house magazine.



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